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Nominate your Young Rising Talent for a Free Ticket!

According to this year's conference theme ''The Next Generation ...'', ERCA promotes its members by providing a free conference ticket for one of your young rising talents. Each ERCA member can nominate a young employee (between 16 and 27 years) as a rising talent and receives the conference ticket free of charge. Meals, travel and accommodation costs for the rising talent need to be paid by the employer and will not be covered by ERCA. Rising talents need to be accompanied by one paying delegate of the member-company.

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The attendee wish to attend the following qualifying courses of the Pre-Conference:
ExpM) Expert Meeting Inspection Bodies 22.-23.01.20 (only for inspection bodies, free of cost)
TC-1) `Refresher Workshop for ERCA `Instructor`/ `Rescuer` award holders` 22.-23.01.20 (pricing details)
TC-2) Refresher Workshop (CPD) for `ERCA Trainer` award holders, 22.-23.01.20 (EUR 150.00)
TC-3) PPE User Checks, 22.-23.01.20 (pricing details)
TC-4) Wire Rope Inspection 22.-23.01.20 (pricing details)

The attendee wish to attend the following parts of the Main Conference:
CON) Conference Presentations, Workshops & Exhibition 20.-21.01.20 (pricing details)
AGM) ERCA Annual General Meeting 22.01.20 (free of cost)

Please specify the timeframe the attendee wish to participate over these days:
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Do the attendee wish to make a room reservation for the overnight stays at "Landgoed Biestheuvel"? If yes, we will pass on your data directly to the hotel. You DO NOT need to send an additional request. You will receive your invoice within 1 to 3 weeks. The invoice is your valid booking confirmation. When submitting this registration form you agree that we process your data in this way. We will never use your data for other purposes than for this reservation. The rooms are either in `adult room`- or partly `bunk bed room`-style. All rooms have en-suite bathroom facilities. You choose the room occupancy yourself.
Please select a room type & pricing or choose "No Room" if you do not intend to stay overnight ...*

Lunch and dinner are NOT included in the programme fee. Below you can add the meals (for additional cost) to the cart of the attendee:
 Dinner 19.01.20 (+€ 15.50)
Lunch 20.01.20 (+€ 11.00) Dinner 20.01.20 (+€ 25.50)
Lunch 21.01.20 (+€ 11.00) Dinner 21.01.20 (+€ 25.50)
Lunch 22.01.20 (+€ 11.00) Dinner 22.01.20 (+€ 15.50)
Lunch 23.01.20 (+€ 11.00)  

Do the attendee wish to book a shuttle service for additional cost? Below you can choose one of the pick-up places and one specified date/time:
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Voluntary offers
I would be willing and capable to work in the translation team or would offer to help with preparation of the event. If I translate 3 or more hours or I am accepted as supporter, ERCA will pay the "Dinner Buffet" on 21.01.20 for me as a thank-you.
I can offer following: (Characters left: 2500)
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Hereby we (all above mentioned registrants) agree that photos and video recordings, we are portraied on, can be used for documentation and ERCA related publications (print publications, social media e.g. facebook, ERCA websites).*
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