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to DWFormmailer - Form data transmitter made easily
The cost version of DWFormmailer which has to be paid but is free of publicity
(for just $ 9,18 USD annual fee, no pop-ups and no advertising messages in the mails)

Details at one glance:

  • (Small Edition 50) -> $ 9,18 USD annual fee
  • (Small Edition 50) -> 50 generated mails per month free of advertising
  • (Small Edition 50) -> Total of file attachments per e-mail -> 500KB
  • Suitable for commercial sites with low-traffic.

  • (Medium Edition 200) -> $ 14,99 USD annual fee
  • (Medium Edition 200) -> 200 generated mails per month free of advertising
  • (Medium Edition 200) -> Total of file attachments per e-mail -> 1MB
  • Suitable for commercial sites with medium-traffic.

  • (Standard Edition 3000) -> $ 23,13 USD annual fee
  • (Standard Edition 3000) -> 3000 generated mails per month free of advertising (Upgrade to 100,000 possible)
  • (Standard Edition 3000) -> Total of file attachments per e-mail -> 5MB (Upgrade up to 20MB possible)
  • Suitable for commercial sites with a high volume of inquiries.

Valid for all licenses

  • Quotation valid for a standard domain (Catchall)
  • You may create as many forms as you like
  • all "recipient_mail" with your domain ending are set free automatically (catchall)
  • up to five further "recipient_mail" different from your domain you may set yourself
  • 1 csv-database included per license
  • Sending of csv/xls/ods data (to be used with excel/openoffice) as enclosed data or download
  • Dynamic confirmation and error pages
  • Determination of obligation fields
  • E-mail DNS-check, Spam-protection, IP time barrier (protection from spam mails)
  • Templates for e-mail and for responder mail (confirmation mail)
  • Optimum design adaption via own templates
  • Transmitting of the IP-address and host name of the sender
  • in several languages - may be adjusted easily via hidden Variable
  • SSL-secured 256bit (Internet -> Server)
  • OpenPGP / GnuPGP encryption (Server -> Recipient)
  • Targeted countries lock on IP2Country
  • PayPal Integration
  • Payrexx Integration
  • Sofortueberweisung Integration
  • E-Mail -> PDF function
  • absolutely free of publicity
  • Payment via invoice or PayPal
  • Invoice online in (*.pdf format) to be printed on your own
  • Release will be effected immediately after your announcement
  • Other advantages compared to the publicity (cost free) version you find in the installation manual
  • AV-Vereinbarung nach Art. 28/29 DSGVO

DWFormmailer Upgrades

  • Modul Occupancy calendar +19,95 EUR / annual fee    Beispielformular
  • upgrade csv-database 5/10 database +19,95 EUR / +39,95 EUR annual fee 
  • Modul appointment management +19,95 EUR / annual fee    Beispielformular
  • Online shop module +9,95 EUR / annual fee incl. inventory management for 100 products
  • PDF invoicing module +12,95 EUR / annual fee
  • Double-Opt-In module +9,95 EUR / annual fee
  • upgrade storage for images uploads 150MB/300MB +9,95 / +15,95 EUR / annual fee
  • The sql-interface +19,95 EUR / one-time activation fee
* Tip
  • After expiry of the available contingent per month with further generated mails publicity will appearThe counters are going to be reset automatically to the 1st day of the current month.
  • The DWFormmailer-license is automatically extended by extra year if not cancelled up to 3 days before expiry.
  • A booked, optional module or upgrade is automatically extended for another year on the extension day if you have not previously deselected it via the up / downgrade page.