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Here you can announce to/take part in the DWFormmailer partner program!

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Cooperate with us in order to rise profit of your website!
Via the cost free taking part in our partner program we offer the possibility to you to earn money with a minimum effort!
You do not have to use DWFormmailer(free of publicity) yourself to take part in the partner program.

Your profit: 20% commission of the turnover of the customers you attracted as long as these customers stay with us. That means if the customer extends/renews the licence in the following year you will get another 20% commission of the generated turnover and so on

Payment: Payment is effected day by day, with a credit of 5 euros minimum per remittance if you state BIC and IBAN and in all euro countries in which european union remittances are done at domestic prices.

With the DWFormmailer partner program you gain new customers/clients easily and quickly- completely automatic via banners or text links on your homepage, in your e-mails or in your newsletters.

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